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This is the configurator. It is how you set the options for how RoR looks and how it plays. It is also how you access multiplayer servers.

Video tutorial


Render System

  • Render System - The rendering system to use. Either D3D9 or OpenGL on Windows, or just OpenGL on Linux/Mac.
  • FSAA - The amount of full screen antialiasing you want.
  • Full Screen - The window type you want, either Full Screen or Windowed.
  • Rendering Device (Windows)/RTT Mode (Linux)/??? (Mac)
  • VSync - Turns on vertical synchronization.
  • Video Mode - The resolution you want to play RoR at. Custom resolutions can be specified in ogre.cfg, but note that the truck HUD will not scale properly.


  • Texture Filtering - The type of filtering to do on textures.
  • Sky Type - Type of horizon/sky to use. Sandstorm is essentially no sky while Caelum has a sky and sun with clouds and artificial time.
  • Shadow Type - The shadow technique to use.
  • Sightrange - How far to draw objects.
  • Shadow Performance Optimization - Disables vehicle shadows when in first person view.
  • Water type - What water rendering technique to use.
  • Enable Waves - Exactly what it says.
  • Vegetation - The level of vegetation on supported maps.
  • Enable Particle Systems - Show particles, like dust, smoke and water splashes.
  • Mirrors - Enable mirrors inside vehicle cockpits/cabins.
  • HDR - Enable High Dynamic Range Lighting.
  • High quality reflective effects - Enable reflections on vehicles that support it.
  • DOF - Enable depth of field effect.
  • Screenshot Format - What format to save screenshots in.


  • Language - Language to use.
  • Default Gearbox Mode - Default mode for gearbox on cars.
  • FOV External - Field of View for external cameras.
  • FOV Internal - Field of View for internal cameras.
  • Disable Camera Pitching - Disables external camera pitching.
  • User Token - User token for Multiplayer.
  • disable creak sound - Disables creaking sound.


  • Sound Device - What device to drive for sounds.
  • Thread number - How many threads RoR can use.
  • Light Source effects - What lights can illuminate objects.
  • Regen Cache - Regenerates Cache.
  • Clear Cache - Clears Cache.
  • Replay Mode - Enable replay mode.
  • Enable Position Storage - Enable position storage.
  • Hydrax Water System - Experimental high quality water effects. Windows only!
  • Disable Overview Map - For experimenting only!


  • Ingame Console - Enables scripting console ingame.
  • Debug Truck Mass - Output mass of every node of a truck in RoR.log
  • Advanced Logging - Fancy HTML logs for objects, terrains and trucks.
  • Beam Break Debug - Logs beam info to log when beam breaks.
  • Beam Deform Debug - Logs beam info to log when beam deforms.
  • Debug VideoCameras - Adds virtual camera mesh to help position the camera correctly.
  • Debug EnvironmentMapping / Chrome - Displays unwraped cube of what is used for reflections on vehicles.
  • Trigger Debug - Enables Trigger debug messages.
  • Debug Collision Meshes - Shows collision meshes to help position them correctly.
  • Enable Depth of Field Debug - Shows DOF debug display.
  • Disable Crash reporting - Disables crash handling system.
  • Input Grabbing - How the mouse will be detected.
  • Preselected Map - Map selected at startup.
  • Preselected Truck - Truck selected at startup.


See controls and configuration


Shows detailed information about the version, build date, ect. Also shows credits and used libraries.