General FAQ

Welcome to the General FAQ! Here you'll find answers to common questions and errors. It is organized into sections to make finding answers easier.

Downloading Rigs of Rods

Latest version

You can find the latest version on the home page. If you need help, check out the Beginner's Guide.

Old versions

You can find old RoR versions on SourceForge. These versions are entirely unsupported!


For Linux, You can download the latest version from

Due to the lack of MacOS developers, RoR does not currently support MacOS. The only way is to run the Windows version using Wine.

Development builds

If you want to try the latest changes to RoR, you can download a development build.


Downloading mods

You can find mods on the Repository, the content section of the forum, and the archives.

For help with installing mods, see this page.


You can find links to the archives here. These contain content from previous versions of the website.


To play multiplayer, see this section of the Beginner's Guide.

Please know that multiplayer is still a work-in-progress, and crashes may happen.

Wrong server version

This means you're trying to join a server that is running an earlier/later RoRNet version than what your current RoR version supports.

The latest version,, supports RoRNet 2.41.


MSVCP DLLs missing

When launching RoR, you may receive a MSVCP140.dll/MSVCP110.dll/MSVCP100.dll error.

This is caused by the required Visual C++ x86/x64 Redistributable not being installed.

Install the correct version that matches the .dll name in the error then restart your PC.

When the site asks what version to download, just install both.

Cannot open Xbox 360 input map

Failed to generate list of installed content

When you launch RoR, you may receive this error:


This is caused by having special characters in your Windows username (e.g. Miké).

Current workaround:

  1. Inside the installation directory, where RoR.exe is (usually C:\Program Files\Rigs of Rods) create a folder called config
  2. Right click RoR.exe and click Properties
  3. Under the Compatibility tab, check the Run this program as administrator box, then click Apply and close the window.

RoR will now use the config folder instead of the default Documents\Rigs of Rods 0.4 folder.

If you installed the content packs, you will have to move the *.zip files from Documents\Rigs of Rods 0.4\mods to config\mods. New mods are also installed there.


Reporting bugs

You can report bugs and other issues on RoR's GitHub repo issue tracker.

Make sure your issue hasn't already been reported.

The issue tracker is only for issues relating to the latest development build, if you're using, please post on the correct support forum instead.

Windows XP support

The latest RoR version does not support any Windows version older than Vista.