Installing content

This page will show you how to install vehicles and terrains for Rigs of Rods.

Installing mods from the Repository


Not all content has been re-uploaded to the new Repository yet. The old Repository may be found here

To download mods from the Repository, you must have a registered & verified account on the Forum.


Visit the Repository.


Find something you like. For example, how about the nice 1996 Dodge Viper GTS Coupe:


Click the Download button at the top right of the page:



Once the mod is downloaded, simply place the *.zip file into Documents\Rigs of Rods 0.4\mods or ~/.rigsofrods/mods on Linux:



NEVER extract the zip file unless specifically mentioned in the file description! I cannot stress this enough.

You can organize your mods with subfolders. (e.g. mods\vehicles\

That's it! You can launch Rigs of Rods now and your shiny new mod should be ready to use.

Installing packs

To install packs (a zip file containing multiple zips inside) such as the Gabester Vehicle Pack or the content packs, just extract the zip into the mods folder.

Installing skinzips

Some mods may provide a *.skinzip which contains some extra liveries/skins for the vehicle. To install these, just place them inside the mods folder.

For more information about skinzips, see this page.

PSD/PDN files

These are files meant to be used by photo editing programs such as Photoshop or, they are not meant to be placed in the RoR directories.